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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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because i pass the time when that happens, said i never knew the lady. he say they never see her before, never. >> reporter: police say they had garcia-torres under 24-hour surveillance since march 28th, a week and a half after lamar disappeared. >> you think if he had done it, he would have run away, try to go somewhere else, right, disappear or something. >> reporter: his family says he cooperated with police, his sister and mother say they, too, went in to be questioned, and the first week in april, his mother says, detectives searched the home where they live with her, his pregnant wife. >> i feel there's not enough evidence to convict him. >> reporter: earlier, the family says the car owned by garcia-torres was already in police custody. >> they've had the car for two months now, and everybody
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thought they were calling for this, they've -- and they've had the car. >> reporter: garcia-torres' family is confused and in the end just want truth and justice to prevail. >> do something and he did something -- oh, hard for me to believe. but i hope everything come in okay. we going to pray. >> reporter: the suspect's mom says she was able to speak to him very briefly last night after his arrest, and he told her to be strong and please, look after his children. we just learned he is expected to be in court on thursday. live in morgan hill, nbc bay area news. our coverage now continues, and tony, you have been digging into the past of antolin
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garcia-torres, investigators have been tracking for several weeks now. >> reporter: that they have, raj, and we are learning more about antolin garcia-torres. he attended morgan hills high school and recently worked as a day laborer, including work with scrap metal. we also found his criminal history, which turned out to be a key component leading to his arrest. >> he has a prior conviction for interfering with an officer, that's a misdemeanor. he has a prior felony arrest for an assault, that's what got him into the database, but that was not prosecuted. >> reporter: court records show antolin garcia-torres was arrested in 2009 for resisting and obstructing an officer. the police report says when tyhe arrived to arrest another man, garcia-torres told the police, "get out of my house you pigs." he was also convicted on the charge.
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a year later, another arrest, this time for two crimes, battery in the second, sexual intercourse with a minor. the battery included a fight with a friend of his sister's. police report says antolin garcia-torres hit a man with a closed fist, heading him to the hospital with stitches. now, both charges were dropped in exchange for attending 32 weeks in court, court-recommended class, rather. it was the dna sample taken after that felony assault and battery arrest that moved garcia-torres into the center of the investigation. without that dna match, investigators probably would not have made that arrest last night. raj? >> tony, what was the tipping point here, we know investigators had antolin garcia-torres under 24/7 surveillance, why last night, why decide to make the arrest last night? >> reporter: fair question there, it was the dna trail that prompted last night's arrest. here's why, first, garcia-torres became a suspect when his
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matched dna found on sierra's clothing, investigators seized his red jetta on may 7th, inside the vehicle they got a dna match, this time sierra. those results came back yesterday. police believe antolin garcia-torres also, key point here, may be connected to three assaults back in 2009. we will have more on that coming up at 6:00. >> very good, tony also on this case for us, thank you, tony. the arrest sent shockwaves through the community of morgan hill, where thousands of volunteers have helped search for sierra. many hearts sank when they learned antolin garcia-torres was charged with her murder. they had hoped sierra would be found alive. one of sierra's classmates says he walked right by her just before he arrested him last night. >> get on the ground, get on the ground, then cars just swarmed from the undercover cops, so it's creepy, then they arrested
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him. >> i'm hoping there will be a conviction. i have a daughter of my own, and it just terrifies me. >> news of the arrest did not deter search and rescue teams. they did another search using sonar equipment which can pick up something as small as a handgun. they expect to be there for the rest of the week, not far from where the teen's belongings were found. coming up in just a few minutes, sierra lamar is not the only one, we'll have more on the stunning revelation from the santa clara county sheriff that dozens of other girls are missing in the south bay. in other news tonight, windy weather was a problem for crews in san francisco battling a fire in the dog patch neighborhood. flames could be seen shooting out of a vacant building just after 1:00 p.m. firefighters say the wind spread the flames to another vacant building next door, the old police substation. no one was hurt in the fire, the cause is still unknown.
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it is a fast break, the golden state warriors say they are leaving oakland and moving back to san francisco. this afternoon, with the bay bridge as a back drop, the team announced it has a deal in place to build a new state of the art, waterfront arena on san francisco's piers 30 and 32. here's an artist rendering. the team expects to have the privately financed arena to be done in time for the 2017 season. that's five years from now. it officially notified oakland city leaders just yesterday. now, owner joe lacob said it came down to an offer the warriors couldn't refuse. >> if you come here and look at this and get approached by san francisco in a way that was so aggressive, so entrepreneurial, so positive, kind of a hard package to beat. >> the warriors expect the final price tag to be more than $500 million for this arena, while san francisco leaders say they are on board, the team will have
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to jump through plenty of hoops and red tape getting state permits to build on the waterfront. coming up at 6:00, we'll look at how the move will impact oakland and hear from the city leaders there, who are lashing out at their counterparts in san francisco. but still ahead at 5:00, what we're learning about dozens of other missing girl cases in the south bay, now being bright to light in the wake of sierra lamar's disappearance. and a little move that could provide a big boost. the city voting right now on a minimum wage increase. how one woman created quite the security care in air, forcing fighter jets to scramble. plus -- >> we're saving lives, we just need to have more people out there doing this. >> they are making it their job to save endangered animals, one
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couple dedicated to wildlife rescues. good afternoon, that wind is improving our air quality, however, it's probably making you suffer with your allergies, winds topping 40 miles per hour in san francisco and over 30 in the east bay for oakland. our forecast has numbers warming up a bit for tomorrow, but we'll talk about abimetig- cooldown in that 7-day forecast. aren't they, kids?
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it is a sobering revelation, not just sierra lamar, but more than 60 other teenaged girls have gone missing in santa clara county in the last 17 months, this according to the sheriff, laurie smith. kris sanchez joins us from morgan hill tonight. this is a big number from one county, what's the explanation here? >> reporter: it is a shocking number, raj, but what i found out is that number also includes girls who have chosen to run away from the homes they are
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supposed to be, it includes girls living with non-custodial parents, and in those cases the law enforcement haven't forced them to go back where they are supposed to be, but in the cases where there's a suspicious disappearance, such as in the case of sierra lamar or the girls are considered at risk, the response is quite different. sierra lamar smiles from flyers posted all around santa clara county, though her's is the face and name we know, there are 63 other girls reported missing since january of 2011. at today's press conference regarding of the arrest of a suspect in sierra's disappearance, sheriff laurie smith spoke of those other girls. >> you wonder if they were abductions also. >> reporter: antolin garcia-torres is linked to a 2009 attempted stun-gun assault in morgan hill, not yet linked to other missing girls. of the 63 cases of missing girls across the county, only two are
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in his department's jurisdiction. >> the other two cases we have involving minors don't fit the profile. >> reporter: i contacted san jose police to ask about their missing girls cases, since january, 37 girls have been reported missing, 15 from their homes, 16 from group homes, 4 from foster homes, and 2 from shelters, also believed to be run aways. if there were any open and active cases regarding missing at-risk girls, you would have heard about them. parents can be the difference between the girls' names making the headlines and not. >> you have parents who are willing to stand up and speak out on their child's behalf, and they are doing that to anybody that's willing to listen. you have a community that's going to draw a line in the sand and going to be supportive of that family in huge ways. >> reporter: now, any time a child is reported missing, they are entered into the mups
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program, and that is not just the county issue, that is a statewide and federal database so that all law enforcement, when they come into contact with a minor, they know whether or sejo,jose, kris sanchez, nbc t bay area news. >> thank you, more on the arrest in the case at 6:00, and you can stay with us any time on nbc bay area, also on our website at a passenger's bizarre note caused a flight to make an emergency landing today, a woman on board a flight from paris to charlotte, north carolina, slipped a note to a flight attendant saying she had a surgerically implanted device on her body, they did not find surgical scars. the plane was diverted to maine, escorted by fighter jets. the woman appears to be mentally disabled and does not pose a threat. there's a battle at san jose
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city hall, activists are crowded into the city hall council chambers, they want the measure approved outright. the plan would raise the minimum rage in san jose from $8 to $10 an hour. after that, annual increases would be tie to the consumer price index. backers include the san jose labor council and students at san jose state, who collected 36,000 signatures to place the measure on the november ballot. but a yes vote from the city council tonight would make the ordinance take effect in 90 days. another down day for facebook shares, and the finger pointing is underway. the stock fell another 9% today to close at $31 a share. now a facebook investor is suing the nasdaq claiming the exchange was negligent in the way it handled facebook trades, causing investors to lose money. no comment from facebook or the nasdaq. the bay area is filled with people who care about wildlife and thankful for the facilities that nurse sick animals back to
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health. >> but there's a problem. few people are trained and available to get the animals to those centers safely. joining us now with the story of a husband and wife team who are working hard to fill that gap. >> janelle, technically, she's a dog groomer and he's an electrical contractor, at least those are the jobs they get paid for. it's called wild rescue and it's tonight's bay area proud. >> follow this down and then we're going to look for the parking structure. >> reporter: it's the first job of the day for the wild rescue team, and it starts with the easiest task they'll have all day. >> go to the fourth floor. >> reporter: finding an all-black raven somewhere in this stark white garage. >> there he is, over in that stairwell. >> reporter: rebecca and dwayne got a call about the raven from a man who said the bird was injured, couldn't fly, and had been in this parking garage for days.
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the wild rescue team went to capture the bird safely and get it some help, but while the caller was spot on about where to find the bird, turns out he was quite wrong about something else. >> oh, he can fly, didn't know he could fly. >> reporter: lesson learned, says rebecca. >> every rescue teaches us something. >> reporter: which means over the years, rebecca and dwayne have learned a lot. you see, while there are those that specialize in rescuing marine mammals and experts to deal with mountain lions and bears, that leaves practically other animal, bird and reptile, for the wild rescue folk. >> there's a tact to go out and skillfully, thoughtfully, carefully, rescue a wild animal and get it to a skilled treatment facility. >> reporter: to that end, rebecca and dwayne spend much of their time for coming up with standards and training guidelines, teaching them the ins and outs of wildlife rescue,
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including the hardest part. >> hardest part is dealing with the people. >> reporter: rebecca is referring to their second call of this day. >> she either jumped the fence -- >> reporter: a man alerts about a deer and two fawns trapped in a neighbor's yard, but the neighbor doesn't want to let them go until rebecca and dwayne convince them otherwise. finally, it's a canada goose with a broken wing. in the end, it is a lot of work not to get paid for. at least not in the traditional sense. >> we're saving lives and we just need to have more people out there doing this. >> if i won the lottery tomorrow, i would keep doing this. >> i feel the same way about my job. i should say, they do this all volunteer, but really their effort is they want to raise money to get an animal ambulance staffed 24/7/365 to respond to
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this call. you hear about the large animal rescues, but there's a huge area in between of animals that are injured that aren't safe for the general public to go pick up and can still get help if someone can get them. >> how many days were you on this shoot with this couple? >> they did all that in one day. and we didn't even go back with them again to get that raven, so they had to get the second trip for the raven. >> thank you, garvin. we have breezy conditions outside. >> we put you outside, that awesome fashion statement on your arms, those would be blowing, you know, directly out of the west, sticking up straight with this wind, 23 in fairfield, 23 in oakland, sustained gusting right now, with 45 miles per hour wind gusts in nevada and also 30 in napa. this wind is drying and also
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warming down in the south bay, 71 in san jose and 81 in gilroy. we take you out to the sky camera network and see from oakland looking back into san francisco, there is some haze, but air quality not too bad, it's the pollen in the atmosphere as we move into downtown san francisco, a lot of the trees blooming all year round in downtown have people sniffling and sneezing, it's fog-free now as the wind pattern has scoured out low cloud cover, however, not ruling that out for tomorrow morning. patchy fog, maybe even drizzle. throughout wednesday, it's all about the wind. big-time changes coming soon, not only cooler numbers, but maybe a dusting of sierra snow. could get wild as we head into the end of the work week. jet stream will allow another cold front to move through over the next 48 hours and that keeps the wind pattern in place for wednesday. even struggling to hold on for thursday, but it will be breezy for us, so wednesday, not only at the higher elevations, but
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lower will get gusty at times and thursday the numbers going down with small craft advisory in effect for the entire coastline. allergy allergies are in the high category, oak, grass, and olive, it may be a day here tomorrow to limit your outdoor exposure, cedar and cyprus in the moderate. 52, 53 in san jose, 53 in fremont, 48 in santa rosa. low 50s in san francisco. we have newly formed tropical storm bud. if you are traveling to new mexico right now, winds at 45 miles per hour, the storm track has moved north, if you're heading towards puerta vallarta, storm looks to weaken, but overall a lot of rain and high surf expected into the upcoming weekend. 76 in san jose, 74, mid-70s back for the tri-valley, pollen is going to get trapped for the east bay, unbearable for many of you. three-day forecast, those
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numbers going down thursday and look at friday, numbers in the 60s, not only that, but fog and drizzle, maybe a dusting of snow with rain mixed in on friday for all of you holiday weekend travelers, you want to watch out for slick conditions, but saturday and sunday it warms up and clears out. can't forget ggb turning 75 on sunday. >> jeff is hip, ggb. >> golden gate bridge. >> i was g oih tag. >> we all tweet, we can do it.
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a glass vile being auctioned in great britain is infuriating people in california. the seller claims the vile holds blood and blood residue from former president reagan. the reagan foundation condemns the sale. the owner of the vile claims his mother worked at a maryland
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blood lab. her son claims he offered to sell the vile to the reagan library, but there was no interest. he says his decision to sell the blood is purely reagan omices. it's not what you hope to hear when you call 911 for help. >> hold on a second, ma'am, let me try to get someone on the line again. >> yep, that was the sound of a 911 operator sleeping on the job. the woman's husband was having chest pains. the sleeping dispatcher was 17 hours into a 24-hour overtime shift in maryland. the caller's husband was eventually taken to the hospital without any problems caused by that delay. bahor m a moment with more t on sherra lamar case. s
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before we leave, a recap of tonight's top story, sierra lamar's family is holding out hope she'll be found alive. 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres is accused of kidnapping and murdering the teen despite the fact investigators have not found a murder weapon or her body. the suspect's family says he is a former supermarket clerk and a father and is a sweet man who would never hurt anyone. the sheriff is calling this a random act. she has no evidence. the suspect and victim knew each other, according to the sheriff. the search for sierra lamar continued today in morgan hill, including another search not far from where sierra's belongings were found. of course, we'll continue our team coverage of this case tonight at 6:00. we hope to see you then. >> have a great evening. ♪
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